After you've decided to hire me to create or redesign your website (good choice), you can expect a finished site within 4-6 weeks. Now, I say 4-6, but most are done within three. To be honest, a lot of what I do depends on YOU! I’ll need a lot of info from you, and it can seem intimidating at first but I promise its worth it! Creating a website that is visually appealing is really only half of what I do. The other half is making sure your information is clearly presented to your customer without being overpowering and cluttered.

If you’re a creator or entrepreneur, you can expect to provide a bio, which can be as detailed or vague as you’d like. It should include some of your credentials, education, and what brought you to this type of work. If you’re hiring me for a business-type website, I’d love to know a little about the history of the business, who started it, locations, etc.


Next I’ll need some photos. This is the fun part! I usually use stock images for the bulk of the website (unless you’ve got some killer professional photos for me!), but it’s also really nice to use images that you provide. Are you a photographer? Let me see some photos of you in action! Own a restaurant? Show me some incredible photos of the food you make! Therapist? Show me your office or waiting room.


Finally, I’ll ask for a mission statement. It may seem obvious to you what you’re here to do, but for a potential customer or client, it’s really helpful to have a clear mission statement on your website. Sometimes your site is the first impression for a customer, and this can deter them or drive them towards hiring you. What are you here to do? What are YOU all about?


Guys, leave the rest to me! I’ll be in touch the entire way to send you updates and ask for your opinion on things to make sure the website is a perfect representation of you. Ready to get started?